Happy Birth Day!!!

“Thanks be to God for His inexpressable gift!” 2 Corinthians 9:15
We are beyond excited to welcome these 4 sweet miracles into this world! They truly are an inexpressable gift from God!! After 9 1/2 amazing weeks in the hospital these babies were ready to make an appearance, and on no other day than November 17th which is World Prematurity Day!
We woke up Thursday morning thanking God for 30 weeks and thinking it would be another typical day at the hospital. I was feeling well and the babies were looking great. During our daily visit from the doctor, however, she noticed that my face and neck were looking a little bit more puffy than usual. Josh and I hadn’t thought anything of it considering I had been on bed rest and was spending most of my time tilted back on my head. She proceeded to have labs drawn though to make sure all of my levels were looking alright. It was soon discovered that I had developed preeclampsia(which if left untreated is very unsafe for mother and babies) and the only treatment is delivery. We cannot tell you what a true blessing it was that not only she noticed that at the perfect time, but that our C-section was quickly scheduled for the next day, Friday afternoon, with enough time for the doctors, nurses, and our delivery team to prepare. We had an amazing delivery team of about 35 people there to take care of us in the operating room and the surgery could not have gone better! Seeing these 4 beautiful faces and hearing their sweet cries upon arrival was the happiest moment in our lives!
All 4 babies are doing wonderfully in the NICU now, with little assistance needed to help with breathing. I am also on the road to recovery and was already able to see them in the NICU within a few hours. We can’t thank you all enough for all of your love and prayers for our family! We will continue to keep you all updated and keep the pictures coming!
 Resized_20171117_133229Teagan Atalie (Atalie is Hebrew for the Lord is mighty)
3Lbs 1.9oz
15in long
Braylon James (James is a family name)
2Lbs 14.5oz
15in long
Ainsley Elia (Elia is Hebrew for the Lord is my God)
2Lbs 3oz
13-3/4in long
Sadie Amarisa (Amarisa is Hebrew for given by God)
2Lbs 4oz
15in long

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  1. Jan Klein says:

    Wonderful news! God is good…bless your family as you begin the most incredible journey of your life!

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  2. Jan willbanks says:



  3. Julie Gower says:

    Congratulations!!!! What beautiful babies they are! So glad to hear you are all doing well. We think of you often. – Jeffrey, Julie, Ella Grace and William Gower

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  4. Dawn Anderson says:

    Overwhelmed with JOY for you and your 4 little miracles! Praising and thanking our awesome God for your health, Kaitlin, and the health of these little ones! Can’t wait to walk alongside you all for this next chapter in your lives – watching them grow and develop! Many blessings ahead! Love and hugs to all 6 of you! You are FOREVER BLESSED for sure!💗💗💙💗

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  5. Susan Juarez says:

    Congratulations on this amazing celebration!!!! Wishing many blessings for all of you.

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  6. Carol Piepho says:

    What wonderful news! Praising the Lord with you! I am continuing to pray. Hugs. Congratulations x 4!


  7. Bev McTaggart says:

    All babies are a true blessing and these 4 and their parents are living proof. I am so happy for you

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  8. Teresa Franzen says:

    Tears of joy and thanksgiving in this week coming of Thanksgiving! CONGRATULATIONS!

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  9. Tracy Brody says:

    Praise God! It has been so awesome joining you on this journey and we are excited to see the Lord at work in these little, precious lives, as well as yours. Thank you for sharing this fabulous news! We are so thankful they arrived safely and that momma and babies are well! 💗💙💗💗

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  10. Aunt Kori says:

    What an amazing blessing from our mighty God!! Kaitlin you ROCKED this pregnancy!! These babies are precious and SO lucky to have you two as parents!!

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  11. Sarah Laptad says:

    Just tears of joy and praise to our heavenly Father. I am filled with the deepest joy and happiness for you and Josh. Cannot wait to snuggle with them! HUGS!

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  12. Lori says:

    God is awesome! Your beautiful babies are proof! Blessings to you all!

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  13. Tim and Darla says:

    You have been blessed with a bountiful Thanksgiving basket! You two have been amazing through this journey, with loving tenacity that few others possess. What a heritage for your precious children! We are very happy for you. Love and big hugs

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  14. Dodie Frank says:

    Received this wonderful news from proud Great Grandpa Jim – my first cousin. I must try to figure it out…are these beautiful babies my 4th cousins, are they “cousins, once-removed”? Truly a blessing and a wonderful addition to our family tree. – Cousin Dodie in St. Louis.

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  15. What blessings! Praising our Abba Father with you on the safe and healthy birth of your 4 priceless treasures! May they all grow to be mighty warriors in the Kingdom of God! Continuing to pray for you all!

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  16. Alice Rushing says:

    Congratulations! A true Mitch from our mighty GOD. How blessed these little ones are to be born into this great family of God. Love Alice and Paul Friends of Jim and Carol in Fl. Hope one day to meet you all. Prayers continue

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  17. Marlene Hamp says:

    Congratulations!!!! God blessed you. You have been in my prayers and now to thank God for such a wonderful gift. FOUR ANGELS!!!!

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  18. Rachel Heidrick says:

    We are so excited for you all! What beautiful babes you have! You claimed it and God delivered! THanks for being such a light for the Lord in so many ways!

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  19. Green Springs Sunshine Committee says:

    Congratulations x 4!!! We are happy you are all doing well!
    💚Green Springs Staff

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  20. Arleta O’Connell says:

    Praise to God for His amazing care for you and your 4 precious babies. He has definitely shown you favor for your faithful trust in Him. I am so happy for you. I’ll continue to pray for your journey.

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  21. Missy Mathews says:

    I’m so happy everyone is doing well. There’s a lot to be thankful for! God is good!
    Jett and Missy

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  22. Laura Nelson says:

    WOW!! There really are no words – tears of happiness and complete amazement! God is so faithful and He truly is a God of miracles. Cannot wait to meet them! You did, Kaitlin – you did amazing!

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  23. Amy Wilson says:

    So much love for all of you! May God continue to bless these babies with growth and strength. Kaitlin, you are one tough mama! May your recovery be quick and your joy be full.

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