Growing in lots of ways!

Wow!! Josh and I are truly humbled by the outpour of people’s love and support this past week! We cannot thank you enough! Each person’s words of encouragement, prayers, and generosity have meant so much to us! We never imagined how God could already bring so much joy and excitement through these 4 little ones, but it truly warms our hearts!

Earlier this week, we got to see all 4 healthy and beautiful babies! Every time we see them, we are blown away by God’s faithfulness! Seriously to hear 4 strong hearts beating and see lots of little arms and legs kicking around is incredible! At this point we are 15 weeks along and go in for an appointment every other week. Next time if everyone cooperates, we should be able to find out genders. Josh can hardly contain himself and wants to know immediately! Be prepared for his gender reveal idea! 🙂 As for me, I’m feeling much less nauseous this week and am growing by the day! Josh and I got a good laugh when they measured my belly this week and told me that I am already measuring as if I was 21 weeks pregnant with a single baby! Haha. Grow babies, grow!! Another excitement for this week has been feeling these sweet little ones move around for the first time!! Oh my goodness, what an unbelievable feeling! It has been fun for us to feel each of them as we know the general place where they are each hanging out in there. They are each about the size of an orange, but are already active little ones!

So as I sit here and continue to share our story, I have to tell you Josh and I are totally not spotlight people! Anyone that knows me, knows that I am far from this. Most of the time I would rather sit and have coffee with someone listening to what’s going on in their life rather than talk about myself. And when there are opportunities to be the center of attention or have everyone watching, get me out of there!

Oh boy, God is teaching me and growing me in more ways than I ever imagined! Not because I want the spotlight on me, not because I want to be center stage. That is still far from how I feel! Through this time though, He is teaching us the value of vulnerability and humility. Even as I went to share our blog, can I be honest, I was hesitant about that, to share our story and put everything out there. Who doesn’t secretly want to feel in control of their story? How often do we want to make it look like we have it all together or have a pinterest perfect life? I totally wanted to guard my heart and totally wanted to feel in control! But oh how we miss out on so much through that! Since the beginning of this journey I have continued to be reminded of the value of vulnerability through this verse.

“But we have this treasure in jars of clay to show that the surpassing power belongs to God and not to us.” 2 Corinthians 4:7

Obviously, we are not in control with our story, but we are filled with the greatest peace knowing God is writing it for us! He has the surpassing power to do all things! So through this time, we still don’t desire to be in the spotlight, but it is our biggest hope and prayer that we can be real, we can be raw, and we can be vulnerable to share our story so that others might be encouraged and see God’s faithfulness in the spotlight instead!

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  1. Tracy Brody says:

    Kaitlin, you are a gifted writer and explain things so well! You are certainly putting God’s beauty, love, and faithfulness on display. I am so excited to see Him work through you, Josh and these 4 little ones. May He continue to bless each of you greatly and grow these little ones well. Can’t wait to hear/see the gender reveal… exciting! Thanks for the update! Thinking of you all often! ❤️

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  2. Dawn Anderson says:

    Oh my goodness! I’m just overwhelmed with excitement and joy for you guys! Your post was so beautifully written, Kaitlin, and I love your precious, humble heart for the Lord! So blessed to be on this journey with you – thank you for sharing it through a blog despite your preference to not be in the spotlight! You ARE putting the spotlight on God and giving Him the glory for everything. We can all learn from your example! Bless all 6 of you! You’re ALL daily in my prayers! Love you!❤️❤️❤️

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  3. Dale and Joyce Fultz says:

    Congratulations to both of you.
    How exciting! We are so happy for both of you. Praying for you and your healthy babies.

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  4. Tim & Darla says:

    Josh and Kaitlin, we love your hearts! We love your precious children! We love how God is working in your lives!
    How wonderful that you aren’t quite as nauseous. Just knowing you’ve been so sick made me feel so bad for you. I smiled when I read that you can feel their movement now 🙂
    We’re eager to hear all about your gender reveal party!
    Love you so much, Tim & Darla

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  5. Susie Stinson says:

    I’m Liz Stinson’s grandmother….what a story–4 babies..I’d like to watch and wait also!!

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