Big Prayers for These Little Ones

These sweet babies are officially 23 weeks today and we are celebrating big! Yahoo! Every day we are in awe of God’s faithfulness and goodness! Josh and I have never had to depend on God more fully and trust that each day is in His hands! We have been at the hospital 2 1/2 weeks now and each day is the biggest blessing!! The babies are each weighing about a pound, with our little girl, Baby B, weighing 10 oz now. We continue to switch back and forth between meds to control my contractions, help my cervix stay strong, and keep these babies in and growing as long as possible! This journey has definitely come with many ups and downs and a lot of uncertainty, but ultimately our certainty comes from knowing that our Mighty and Faithful God doesn’t change and that He has got this in the palm of His hand.

Every day instead of letting our hearts be anxious and worrying about every little detail, we have been fixing our eyes on what God is doing throughout this journey and thanking Him for the countless blessings that continue to brighten our days. This past week these were just a few of the many blessings:

  1. Wonderful doctors, nurses, and staff that are caring for us so incredibly much!!!
  2. The opportunity to see our 4 precious little ones on the sonogram every morning!
  3. Friends and family that encourage and cover us in prayer!
  4. An AMAZING husband that has such a servant’s heart and is constantly waiting on me hand and foot! Literally!!
  5. Unlimited ice cream all day long! I average at least 2 a day per the babies’ request! 🙂
  6. Josh hasn’t been super busy with work right now and has been able to spend the majority of his time with me at the hospital! He continues to make me smile and laugh as always! Don’t know what I would do without him!
  7. Ambien that helps me get a full nights sleep every night! Best stuff ever!
  8. Incredible generosity of people’s time, talent, and treasure!
  9. Our super sweet sonographer that made us homemade breakfast as well as countless friends who have brought us food to give us a break from hospital food.
  10. EVERY SINGLE DAY is truly a gift from God!!!!!

I keep telling Josh it’s like we’re staying at an all inclusive resort! We get food delivered to our room, somebody that comes and cleans every day, and cable tv and Netflix to watch whenever we want. Ok maybe not quite an all inclusive, but again it’s the little things! 🙂

Between doctors, nurses, sonographers, physical therapists, and other specialists, our room stays pretty busy. Many people have been so kind to ask if we are bored and if the days are long; but honestly our day typically is filled meeting with somebody, eating all those 3000 calories, sleeping when I can and watching tv every once in a while. Also, I am on very strict bed rest only being allowed to get up to use the restroom. They even have my bed slightly inverted with my head down (in the trendelenburg position) to help keep pressure off of my cervix. Who would have thought, but anything for these babies!!

For those who have been wondering, we have narrowed down names and are about 95% sure we have them all picked out. Coordinating 4 first and middle names all at the same time was something we never imagined! We are waiting until they are actually born to announce them, so sorry you’ll just have to wait to find out! 😉

Our biggest prayer requests right now would be to keep the babies in for yet another week. 24 weeks would be a huge mile marker for these 4 sweet ones followed by each additional week. Extra prayers for our sweet little Baby B would also be great. As she is a little smaller than the other three, we are praying for weight gain to catch up with her sisters and brother! These next few weeks are critical, so please continue to pray with us as the Lord helps us conquer each day as it comes.

“Give ear to my words, O Lord; consider my groaning. Give attention to the sound of my cry, my King and my God, for to you do I pray.” Psalms 5:1-2

“So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.” Isaiah 41:10

Sending lots of hugs x6!

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  1. Tracy Brody says:

    Thanks so much for the update! I think of you all often and wonder how your days are! It’s so nice to hear all about your life in the hospital 😊 We continue to lift you all in prayer 💗💗💗💙 Praise God for these babies and for their parents who love them and the Lord dearly!!

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  2. Carol Piepho says:

    I am praying and praying for your requests and for you and Josh to be strengthened by Him as you wait. Hugs.

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  3. Bridgette says:

    Praying for you, Josh, baby girl B and her siblings. God grant them the desires of their hearts, give Baby B the calories she needs and cradle those precious babies in your hand. In Jesus name Amen

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  4. Terri RN says:

    You and Josh are doing amazing! Continue to stay positive your love for these babies shines everytime I see you. Keep up the stong work. Everyday you’re right is a blessing to be cherished, praised, and thankful for. You inspire me by your determination, positivity, and selflessness I know these angles have amazing parents patiently waiting to guide them through life.

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  5. Pati Gayle Albi says:

    P R A Y E R S ❤

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  6. Janice M Drake says:

    Congratulations and may God bless you all and Merry Christmas


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