Happy 1st Birthday!

Happy 1st Birthday to our 4 sweet little ones!! Where does the time go? How are they crawling and even walking? Playing peak a boo, imitating what we say and already desiring so much independence? Sooo bittersweet!! 😭 This morning Josh and I got them out of their cribs and gave them their big one year old kisses, and we can’t stop thanking God for their 4 precious, miraculous lives!

Many of you have been a special part of our journey from the day we found out we were pregnant with them! As you know after 9 1/2 weeks of bedrest we were suddenly told I was going to have to go in for a c-section delivery due to preeclampsia. We had 4 cribs set up at home, but with still so many unknowns. We anxiously awaited their arrival, trusting that God had all 4 of them in His hands. A year later, both our hearts and arms are so incredibly full and we will forever be in awe of God’s faithfulness, carrying these 4 healthy, happy babies to 30 weeks!

As you can imagine through the business of life, we have not had as much time to blog, but we just wanted to share a little update for their birthday today. It has been the most wonderful, challenging and humbling year, and we wouldn’t trade it for the world! The kids are doing AMAZING, thank you God!! Teagan and Braylon both weigh 20lbs, Sadie is 18lbs and Ainsley is just over 16lbs. Depending on the night, sometimes we get more sleep than others. One of these days we’ll remember what it feels like to sleep for 7 or 8 hours straight again. As they grow, it has been so much fun to see each of their individual personalities continue to shine through! Teagan is definitely our first born, leader and is always loving on everyone by sharing her kisses. She imitates so much right now, and loves her snuggles.

Braylon is the adventurous one and motivated to try new things. He is already walking and is always getting into something. You can frequently find him dancing to Baby Shark- his favorite song. 😄

Ainsley is our tiny, but mighty one. She keeps up with everyone and is always making us laugh. She loves to push her little walker around and pull up to the window to look outside.

And finally, sweet Sadie is our laid back one who has a smile on her face wherever she goes. She still has her G-Tube and continues to make slow progress with taking food by mouth. Her reflux is gradually getting better and we are thankful for the wonderful therapy she receives in the meantime. It has definitely been a challenge we continue to try and navigate one day at a time, but our prayer is that she will be able to wean off her feeding tube someday!

It truly has taken a village to get through this year and we are so incredibly thankful for each and every one of you that has served, loved and prayed for our family. Whether it was a meal you made, diapers you sent, bottles you washed, the care you gave us at the hospital, or prayers that you prayed from home. We have truly been blown away by so many people’s generosity throughout the year! God sure has taught us so much about humbly receiving and that we are unable to do this journey on our own (this is still a learning process 😉)! An especially BIG shout out to our parents who both live 10 minutes away and have spent countless hours (both day and night) helping us throughout this past year. What a gift they have given to us that we will never be able to repay!More than anything thank you all for celebrating the lives of these sweet one year olds today that God has blessed us with! We appreciate you all being a special part of our journey and appreciate your continued prayers and love as we begin the next year with our sweet quad squad!

Much love,Kaitlin, Josh, Teagan, Braylon, Ainsley, and Sadie


More birthday pics to come on instagram @hartmanquads!

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  1. Happy birthday sweet Hartman babes! You have so many people’s hearts and so many praying for you and your parents daily!


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