Happy 3 Weeks Little Ones!!

It is so hard to believe these 4 little ones are 3 weeks old now! Each day their sweet little lives continue to remind us of God’s amazing faithfulness! From the day we found out we were pregnant, God has held them and every detail in His hands! As of this week Teagan weighs 4lbs 4 oz, Braylon is 3lb 12oz, Ainsley is 2lbs 14oz, Sadie is 3lbs 3oz and they are all doing AMAZING!!


We spent the first several days after they were born staying at the hospital to be close to them which was so nice, but recently we decided to “move” back home for the first time in 12 weeks! Haha. Josh has been the most amazing husband, and had been living on the hospital couch that whole time! I think we were both ready to get back to our own bed! And oh wow, what a weird feeling to leave the hospital and drive home. As if I forgot life went on outside the hospital. Everything began to sink in more, these 4 precious miracles were really here and one day soon we would be bringing them home!


Josh and I go and visit them in the NICU every day and each time we find ourselves recounting the miracles over and over again! Throughout our whole pregnancy we heard lots of statistics all of which were terrifying to hear. Several doctors told us to consider selective reduction, which was absolutely never an option for us. Then we heard lots of possiblities that these babies might face brain bleeds, having to be intubated, having to have a blood transfusion. The list went on and on. We continued to trust and pray, knowing God is bigger than statistics. Now 3 weeks old and we are in awe as there were no brain bleeds, no need to be intubated, no need for a blood transfusion!! Seriously?!? Our God is a big God and these lives are nothing short of a miracle! We are so in awe as of this past week all 4 of them are off oxygen support!! They’re breathing on their own, they don’t have any IVs, they’re gaining good weight, they’re starting to maintain their body temperature, and they’re all big enough to wear clothes! Wow God wow!! It brings tears to my eyes knowing that these babies have been so covered in prayer by hundreds of people! It is our hope that through these 4 sweet lives you too are able to see the power of prayer and the miracles God can do! Thanks again for celebrating with us! We continue to pray for strength and health as they grow and their bodies mature! They still have some apnea spells and need little reminders to breath. Braylon and Sadie also have little hemangioma spots that they are watching, which apparently are common in premature babies and multiples. Sadie is actually taking medication for her spot on her lip, which we are praying the medication works without any complications and the spot goes away quickly! We are so thankful for the amazing care they continue to get in the NICU! At this time they anticipate that they will be there until closer to their actual due date, which is January 25th. Until then Josh and I love every minute we get to spend up there snuggling with them, changing their itty bitty diapers, and even giving them their baths! Thank you all again for being on this journey with us!


We love you x6!
Kaitlin, Josh, Teagan, Braylon, Ainsley, and Sadie

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  1. Sarah says:

    Just beyond words and truly thankful … your whole journey has deepened my trust, my faith in the God I serve! Amen! Rejoicing and such a perfect time of year to rejoice in Him! Love you all. ❤️


  2. Carol Piepho says:

    Oh how wonderful!!!! I continue to pray your requests. Such an Amazing and Powerful God we serve!!! Hugs to all 6 of you. 😉


  3. krwcat says:

    Amazing little miracles! Praying for continued growth and health!


  4. Laura Nelson says:

    God is so faithful and so mighty. Your story, that He is allowing you to write, is a beautiful story of your faith and His love. I LOVE your update and your pictures! I am going to bed with a very full heart and a smile on my face. Love to you all!


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